My views on how money is made on the internet

I tried different ways to make money online. Here is a chart I created to help me understand how much money can be made using which services,
Different kind of work and their price
You are free to provide your own input to it.

How am I improving Pakistan?

I wanted to do something great for my country. I am doing the following things for my dear country,

  1. Working for iftar for poor
  2. Working for Code for Pakistan
  3. Inventing low cost energy alternatives
  4. Improving Pakistan's image outside of the country by showing the positive aspects of Pakistan
I think, I am doing my job which is what everyone else should also be doing. I hope, I inspire more people.

There is no free lunch

There is no free lunch in life. The reason behind it is the fact that you pay for everything, one way or the other. There is simply no way a person can get a free lunch, you pay the price.

The only way to get a lunch in life is to work your butts off and earn it. Whenever you are in a position that you are getting something for free then there would be something fishy in it. Because in real world, you pay the price by giving away something for it in exchange.

This is one reason, I keep myself reserved all the time with people ( except a few people). Because I know this rule from my childhood. Whenever you get something for free, you pay its price in another way. You will have to give something in return, else there can not be a way that you get a free lunch.

How I learnt to remain calm in all environments

One year back, I was very aggressive and emotionally triggered. Sadly, I live in a country where negative things happen every 5 minutes or so and being happy is a difficult art.
First, I tried doing meditation to remain calm. That did not much helped me much. I tried figuring out what could have caused the negativity in me. I came across the Edword Snorden case and realized I was a victim of the negative movies and drama that I was watching from childhood.
I stopped watching TV and started to participate in real life things, never felt happy since than. The best thing that happened to me was the fact that I started to remain happy.
I made new friends, made new life and since than I started to live life my way.

Why Allama Iqbal was right

I have been reading Iqbal from around 3 years and I liked what he said. He said,

"Ghulami mai na kaam ati hain shamsherain na tadberain, jo ho zoq e yaqeen paida to kut jati hain zanjeerain."

Here is a video that expresses the same thing,

Fahad Uddin, taking over the world like a storm

I wanted to do something great from childhood. I guess I got a lucky too that I got in the best schools of Pakistan. These days, I am using my engineering skills to efficiently reverse engineer the MP3 websites online. My aim is to make the process of searching MP3 songs, faster than ever. Yes, I want to make the world's fastest MP3 player.

The idea of MP3 player came into my mind one and a half year ago, when I was giving exams. I soon started to work on the idea but my mind was not in a position to do anything cool.

A week back, I launched a chrome extension that could do this. Sadly because of YouTube block in Pakistan, my research project could not work properly.

I will soon continue my project again, as soon as I find ways to do it.

Applied for a job at Google

After doing internships at Nokia and working remotely for Mobilezapp, I wanted to work for Google for a year. I was inspired by their technology and wanted to learn it.

For this,  have applied for a job at Google. Lets see how things work out. Thanks.

Starting Iftar for poor in Karachi

I am starting Iftar for poor in Karachi. We will be giving free iftar to the people in Karachi.

NED University alumni that I am networking with

These days, I am networking with almost all age groups which are from NED University. These people include alumni of 1993, like Sabahat Ashraf,  am also networking with the alumni of 2000-2001 like Professor Khurram. Not just this,  I am also networking with 2009-10 alumni like Shahzaib Khan.

There is so much of learning when you interact with different age groups.

Batman asks Superman - What are you thinking?

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