My analysis of US, UK, India and Pakistan as dot com markets.

Here is my research on thinking of US, UK, India and Pakistan as dot com markets.

Some points about the internet study,
I am using US, UK, India and Pakistan for a reason. I am excluding every other country because my four years of blogging experience tells me that people of these countries get attracted the most to Pakistani content.
My blogs all time page views.
I excluded Philippines, Ukraine, France, China, Poland.
* The people of China use their own sites and it is really difficult to get your website/webapp promoted in China.

Lets try to understand the markets of US, UK, India and Pakistan in terms of population of people. Here is a public data analysis that shows how many people are there in these countries.
Population Chart
According to the population chart,
  • India                     1.2521 Billion
  • United States        316.1288 Million
  • Pakistan                182.1426 Million
  • United Kingdom   64.0971 Million

This clears out that India has the highest population among these countries, followed by United States.

Internet Users
Here is the amount of people that use the internet,

  • United Kingdom   89.84%
  • United States        84.2%
  • India                     15.1%
  • Pakistan                10.9%

In terms of real values, these are the outcomes of the number of internet users in these countries,

  • United States             84.2%   out of  316.1288 Million    =       266180449.6 internet users
  • India                     15.1%   out of  1.2521 Billion              =       189067100.0 internet users
  • United Kingdom   89.84% out of  64.0971 Million          =          57584834.64 internet users
  • Pakistan                10.9%  out of  182.1426 Million          =         19853543.4 internet users

In terms of numbers, United States has the most amount of internet users, followed by India. The issue with doing a dot com startup in United States is that there are already a lot competitors there. Same thing applies to UK. We are still left with India and Pakistan.

The markets of India and Pakistan should grow in the coming years (15.1% of Indians use internet and only 10.9% of Pakistani people use internet). There are very few dot com companies in both of the countries. One of the reason is that a very few amount of people are using internet. The markets can be easily captured since competition is very less.

Happiness is - Getting favorated by Jeff Atwood!

Jeff Atwood Favorited my tweet!
Four years back, I started to contribute on StackOverflow. I was in love with the website. I started to learn programming using this website.

I got to know that Jeff Atwood is the guy behind this website and this network of sites. I started to read his blog. It was a very different kind of a blog. There were no much ads, the design was very very simple and content's quality was amazing. I could not understand whatever he used to write but I used to get a little understanding of what he is writing.

Now after 4 years, I have a blog too. It is not at all as cool as his blog but it seems to grasp the design from Jeff's simple blog. Content is king. He used to write so beautifully that I fall in love with his blog.

Just text and images on the blog looked so beautiful. The blog was full of beautifully written content. The content was of high quality. It seemed as if he had given a lot of time to write the blog posts.

Comparing it to those blog who are here to make money, Jeff's blog stand out from ALL of the other blogs which are on the internet to make money. This blog is excellent. I have never seen anyone writing better blog posts than this person. This indicated the true love and passion for blogging.

Today, Jeff Favorited my tweet on Twitter. Feels good.

The co-founder of Facebook answered my question

A year back, I was playing with Facebook API. I asked this question on a popular social network, Quora.

The answer came from none other than Facebook's co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz. The guy who created Facebook.

The beauty of this answer is, it reminds me of watching the movie, social network.

As Dustin tells us, it took Mark 3 tries to remove the bug.

Dream it - Do it.

Using LinkedIn to play with big data

Lets take an example of the topic NED University of Engineering and Technology.

The University has got 28,720 followers to the topic ( NED University of Engineering and Technology). This means we have 28,720 data points to play with. Who can be these 28,720 followers? Some of them would be teachers, some students but majority of them would be the alumni.

NED University
Now, lets further see the demand. 23,626 people out of 28,720 followers are students and alumni. Where did I got this value from? Here is the link.

The above image shows that out of 23,626 students and alumni, 
15555 live in Pakistan
2,318 live in United States
1,584 live in Canada
1,157 live in U.A.E
1,098 live in Saudi Arabia
722 live in Canada
449 live in United Kingdom
364 live in Australia
23,247 out of 23,626 students ( I ignored the rest of the results as they were too small.)

FUCK your comfort zone Part 2

Mobile phone etiquette - Something we really need to learn

With new technology coming up, people of Pakistan have started to get better at moving with the technology. We do use products and services created by anyone around the world but we do not care about the etiquette of using those products or services.

I really wanted to write about the etiquette of using mobile phones in public. Here are some of the images reflecting other people's response to such usages.

More annoying!
We hate people who keep talking on phone while in public transport.
Will you shutup, Mr?
We are not interested in what you are discussing with others on phone.
Will you put that phone away from you and talk to me?

I read Pakistans IT salary survey conducted by P@SHA

Got some time so I read about the salary survey conducted by Pakistan Association of Software Houses. The survey was very easily readable and had very relevant facts and figures. The 2012-13 surveys were free to download so I used 2013's survey as a benchmark. I don't yet have hands on 2014 copy of the survey.

I have started to read a lot, Quora helped me out in becoming smart and knowing "how to's" of the industry and ebooks help me get a faster grip on knowing what is going on around the world in the IT Industry.

CrushWallet - My weekend challenge with my mentor Sabahat Ashraf

I and my mentor have been talking about my idea of CrushWallet for months but I was lazy. We are back in action. I have given him a challenge of completing the project this weekend. Lets see if I can do it. 

Inspurate is my new home

I got hired by Inspurate as a developer.
Our office 
I have started to love the place. Exactly like those of US startups that I always wanted to work for. I can choose to wear what I want, I can choose to talk the way I want, I have two peons that help me do my job and ready to help.

My work desk
The above is my work desk. I keep a notebook with me all the time and keep track of ideas that come to my mind. The founder and co-founder of the company are also very supportive and helpful and rely on me for the betterment of the company.

Here are some of my other pics