An open letter to NED University Alumni around the world

This is an open letter to the NED University alumni working all over the world. NED University's 10th international allumi conference is taking place in Fremont, CA. All of those great people that have made NED University proud are coming.
Here is the list,
  • Hammad Rasheed, Ceco Concrete Construction, WA 

  • Farhat Dr. Siddiqi,, CA 

  • Moin Ahmed, NY 

  • Syed Zakir, Robert Half, CA 

  • Samina Mallick, ASR Associates, IL 

  • Tanweer Mallick, ASR Associates, IL 

  • Anas Hashmi, NJ 

  • Hassan Hashmi, NJ 

  • khurshid qureshi, Dassault Systemes, MI 

  • Masood Khan, PA 

  • Kamran Mirza, City of Hope, CA 

  • Mohsin Zaidi 

  • Mohsin Zaidi Zaidi, Virginia DOT, VA 

  • Atiq Rehman, NJ 

  • Hoshang Pestonji, IBM, NC 

  • Nusrat Sherali, IBM, TX 

  • Owais Jamil, CA 

  • Zia Shamsi, SIEMENS, NY 

  • Syed Saulat Shere, Retired, CA 



  • Syed Ahmed, S & Sons Gen Contracting Inc., NJ 

  • Syed Mehdi Kamal, SI Engineering, P.C., NJ 

  • Muhammad Izhar, SI Engineering, P.C., NJ 

  • Sarwat Izhar, SI Engineering, P.C., NJ 

  • Shakil Ahmed, UOSA, VA 

  • Anis Paya, AP Consulting, IL 

  • Rehan Jalil, Elastica, CA 

  • Ahmed Ali, Geo-Etka, Inc., CA 

  • Awais Nemat, PLUMgrid, CA 

  • Raghib Hussain, Cavium, CA 

  • Rashid Baig, NJ 

  • Suhail Muhammad, CA 

  • Zulki Khan, NexLogic Tech., Inc., CA 

  • idris kothari 

  • Saeed Kazmi, VSi, CA 

  • idris Kothari, VSi, CA 

  • AH Cemendtaur, Elmustee Community, CA 

  • Safwan Shah, CA 

Now, I want send a message to all of these people. Not just them but to all of the others too. Why are they trying to send money to NED University? A Corrupt Government system where no one works. Their hardly earnt money is of almost no use.

People working in NED University don't give a shit about the students. I am glad that the alumi working around the world are so generous. My concerns are that NED University has no future. The reason being that the admins placed in NED University are so bad that they can't utilize the resources (money, place etc) to the maximum. My advice for the people sending money from all over the world to NED University would be to think twice before you send money to this organization.

There are so many things that are influencing education in NED University. From bad admins to interference of political parties.

I have a better plan for NED University. Connecting NED University students to NED University alumni using the resources present in NED University.

This could be the best way to achieve what the alumni have been working for several years.

Many thanks,

Fahad Uddin.

Do schools really kill the creativity?

I started to talk about this with Prof. Khurram and we both started to like this video. Now I am starting to collect data and play with big data to prove this.

Mama updates her Facebook picture with children
One more mama updates her picture with children
One more mama updates her picture with her children
Another mumma uploads her pic with her children
The TED talk is right. Schools kill creativity. Lesson learnt: Never go for a good GPA.

Whoa! Our very own Umar Saif gets a Sitara e Imtiaz from the Government of Pakistan

Umar Saif has been the brain behind Punjab Government's IT initiatives and creating cool tools for the Government to watch out for terrorists.

I got an email from Plan9 that the Founder, Umar Saif has been chosen for Sitara e Imtiaz.

Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB was recently awarded with Sitara – e – Imtiaz for his countless contributions towards academics and other accomplishments in the public sector

The man is deserving. I have never met the person but I have seen his initiatives and I have started to like the guy.

We live in a country where people keep criticizing each other no matter how good or bad the other person might be. I am setting a new example by liking other persons success. Good going Umar Saif.

I collected some nerd jokes

  1. The root is at the top of the tree!
  2. "A parent may kill its children if the task assigned to them is no longer needed"
  3. "Programming" is thinking, not typing.  Most of programming is spent sleeping, walking around, staring out the window, or doing anything else that helps you relax and think.
  4. That about 25% of the hours spent writing an application are spent figuring out ways the end user will do something wrong.
  5. Counting starts from zero, not one.
  6. Most people think that I'm just staring into the screen and wasting time, when I'm actually hard working. But if I switch to a console terminal (you know, that window with white letters on black) they are thinking I'm hacking Pentagon security or doing some wild magic things.
  7. A programmer is not a PC repair man
Haha. These are so funny.

Whoa! Worlds IT industry connected to me via my Facebook!

Thanks to my excellent efforts on creating an excellent social search tool. Today, I am connected to the greatest IT entrepreneurs and leaders of Pakistan's IT industry.

The names include,

  1. Salim Ghauri, CEO NetSol
  2. Jehan Ara, President P@SHA
  3. Sarah Peracha, co-founder Pakistan Electronic Research And Communication Hub Association
  4. Amna Zafar, CEO iDonate
  5. Ayub Ghauri, SVP NetSol
  6. Maria Umar, CEO Womens Digital League
  7. Muhammad Nasrullah, CEO Pring
  8. Saad Hamid, oDesk representative in Pakistan
  9. Farzal Ali Dojki, CEO NextGeni
  10. Jawwad Farid, CEO FinanceTrainingCourse
  11. Ian Howard, CEO Creative Business Builders
  12. Abid Beli, Marketing consultant at Foortal
  13. Muhammad Ali Khatri, Owner & Manager at ILyke
  14. Ali Raza Randhawa, CEO PAK-Energy Solution
  15. Naomi Dongelmans Founder at Salsa Brisa Dance Company
  16. Andrew Watts Executive at Business owner with Nu Skin Enterprises
  17. Zia Imran CEO at Vahzay 
  18. Goran Kimovski Principal Cloud Architect & Partner at TriNimbus
  19. Mehdi Hasnain CEO at
  20. Ali Rehan Co-founder Eyedeus
  21. Sultan Hamdani Owner/Partner at Maison Consulting & Solutions Karachi
  22. Wildan Maulana Founder, Research and Development at OpenThink Labs
  23. Irfan Elahi CEO & Co-Founder at TownTawks
  24. John Socratous Co-Founder/CEO at IMW Enterprises Ltd
  25. Co-Founder/VP at
  26. Arslan Hassan CEO & Founder at
  27. Rehan Mushtaq Chief Technology Officer at Ingenious Zone 
  28. Muhammad Nouman Co-Founder & Content Manager at Awami Web
Worlds greatest 28 Founders are now connected to me on my Facebook and now I am directly connected to them. This makes me think of new ideas +10000 times faster than an ordinary man.

Thankyou founders for connecting with me.

Muhammad Nasrullah Nasir, CEO of Pring gave me tips on how to become an entrepreneur

Today, I got tips from the CEO of Pring. He gave me tips on doing a high tech startup from Pakistan. He is one of the smartest brains in Pakistan. I have started to like the person.

From today, I will be writing +10,00 lines of code everyday so I can always be the best in coding.

Thanks to David S Rose for the book recommendations for a 21 year older

Time to read a dozen of books. Here are the names,

Eric Ries
Steve Blank
Alexander Osterwalder
John Mullins
Bo Peabody
David Kidder
This will get me up speed on what smart people around the planet think is important. This will stop me from making stupid mistakes.


I met Prof. Khurram of NED CISE, the co-chair person of NED CISE department

Fahad! You look terrible! 
Happy to see you too sir!
The time is short. I am going and getting back to work.

I visited CIO studios with some of my NED University friends

I with my NED University friends
I went to CIO Studios.