CrushWallet - My weekend challenge with my mentor Sabahat Ashraf

I and my mentor have been talking about my idea of CrushWallet for months but I was lazy. We are back in action. I have given him a challenge of completing the project this weekend. Lets see if I can do it. 

Inspurate is my new home

I got hired by inspurate as a developer. I am the core developer of the startup. A startup is what I always wanted to work for and eventually start one of my own.
Our office 
I have started to love the place. Exactly like those of US startups that I always wanted to work for. I can choose to wear what I want, I can choose to talk the way I want, I have two peons that help me do my job and ready to help.

My work desk
The above is my work desk. I keep a notebook with me all the time and keep track of ideas that come to my mind. The founder and co-founder of the company are also very supportive and helpful and rely on me for the betterment of the company.

Here are some of my other pics

My plan to live a healthy life

Some simple things---
1. Early to bed and early to rise,
2. Yoga, meditations, exercises,
3. Vegitarian diets, home -made food,
4. Milk, milk products, seasonal fruits, green vegetables, eggs,
5. No to junk foods, beverages, alcohol, tobacco,
6. Social interactions, hobbies,
7. Some meaningful engagements.... etc.

Source: here. is stupid

I got a $500 worth project via Everything was fine and the client was ready to pay. The client in the middle of the project started to loose interest and never replied back. deducted $-15.50 from my account because I have signed up for this project. Now my account has negative balance, I try to bid on projects but it tells me that I need to upload $-15.50 before I bid on more projects. Funny and stupid.

I started working for Inspurate

My mentor, Sabahat Ashraf connected me with Abdul Rafiq, CEO of Inspurate. There I showed off my skills and got hired as the lead developer. I am writing this blog post from the office. Its awesome!

I met Mr. Abdul Rafiq, CEO of Inspurate

It was a great time with Abdul Rafiq, CEO of Inspurate. He is a very humourous and down to earth guy who loves to share things with others.

He took my interview for a job at Inspurate. I really liked the atmosphere at the place and the team. I think it is one of the best software houses I have ever seen.

Quiting my entrepreneurial dreams for 2-3 years

Its been 2-3 years. I have done 5 startups. I have made money lost money and enjoyed every bit of it. But now, responsibilities are calling. Parents want me to give a pay at home per month which is only possible via a job. Moreover, even I need a change and need to learn office etiquette.

Here is the new plan,
From Jimmy Wales,
Let's say you start your first job and immediately make various spending choices to spend all or most of your paycheck, going into debt to do it.  A popular way to do this is to buy a car and rent a nice apartment.  Now, 6 months later when your boss is a jerk and you wish to change jobs, you've got a big problem....

And if you spend 50% less than you earn, then it will only take you 1 year (not 2!) to get that year of freedom, because your expenses are lower.

I plan to save 50% of what I earn and do that for 2 years so after 2 years I can have a year of financial independence. Or at least rent a house and buy a car,

How I started to live a better life?

Some years back, I used to spend the whole day watching movies, tv shows, chatting and using social media sites.

I reevaluated my life in each and every era and started to improve. These are the new things that I am doing.

1. I have quit watching TV so I don't give a shit what happens in the country.
2. I have started to interview and meet entrepreneurs in the country.
3. I have started a job.
4. I have started to do yoga.
5. I have started to unfollow all people from my Facebook and use Facebook for just tweeting.
6. I have started to contribute to world wide causes.
7. I am starting small scale businesses for fun.
8. I am thinking of improving my programming skills by participating on StackOverflow.
9. I am starting to make internet my business card.
10. I have started to find a balance between work and life.

My ITCN Asia's video is out!

Cleaning the mess up

From four and a half years I was doing a lot of stuff. Lately I have started to realize that things are becoming a trouble for me. Everything comes back, whether good or bad. In my case, bad is more so time is difficult.

I plan to remain as lonely as possible these days. I am cleaning my past. My old friends, my relatives etc. The reason being that I plan to have a simple life and I really don't like any brick from the past to come and hit me.