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I went to P@SHA ICT Conference & Awards 2014

I went to the conference and awards held at Movenpick, Karachi, Pakistan.
P@SHA ICT Awards, 2014
My current boss also went to the event,
Abdul Rahman Rafiq, co-founder Inspurate
Met some old IT fellows. Some new people I met include,

Imran Moin Uddin, CEO NexDegree
Imran Moin Uddin gave me tips about entrepreneurship in Pakistan and replied why Stanford was so cool!
Fatima Rizwan (Founder TechJuice)
It was really nice to meet Fatima. She gave me some tips on starting an Indiegogo campaign. She told her startup story and it was really inspiring!

I am participating in P@SHA's Award Ceremony and the conference

Being an active member of Pakistan's IT industry, I thought it would be great to go and view the award ceremony. So I applied for both the awards ceremony and the conference. I think, it would be a great time. My current boss, Abdul Rahman Rafiq also plan to come.

This is a night like no other in the IT industry of Pakistan. I would like to be part of it and learn. I have also registered myself as a volunteer to help and learn from the event.

What is comfort zone and how to evacuate it

Have your felt fearful and stopped yourself from doing something that was not wrong but still something was stopping you? Ever thought what it is? It is your comfort zone.

Ok so now I know what comfort zone is!
Nice. Now I know what my comfort zone is.
Write down everything what you think is right but you fear doing so just because you are afraid of doing so. Next start doing those things in your daily life, one by one. One step at a time. It is this simple.
Life inside comfort zone

My try to improve Pakistan by creating an online custom tee shirt company

I wanted to do something great so I started this campaign on Indiegogo. The project is near to my heart as it is my own idea. I was always frustrated as I could not buy the kind of t-shirt I wanted so I am making a company which would deliver the teeshirt you want and design.

It seems to be going very good on Indiegogo. It has just been some hours and I have got my first dollar raised.

PakTee - A tee shirt design company

Small amount of money is meaningless

I read an article awhile back about a Stanford MBA class. The students were split up into teams. Each team was given some nominal amount of money, $5-10, and told to make as much money as possible in one week. At the end of the week each team would give a 10 minute presentation to the class about their approach.

Some teams went out and gambled, buying lottery tickets or playing slot machines. After all, $5 was such a small amount that many students couldn't fathom how you could effectively turn it into anything more. 

The students that did the best however realized that the $5 was meaningless. The point of the assignment was to identify what skills and resources you have available if you had to start from nothing.

One of the better teams sold restaurant reservations. They'd make reservations at the most popular restaurants in the area and would sell them to people waiting in line. They found that people were also willing to just give away their worse reservation after purchasing a better one, which they could later sell when it became more valuable.  

You shouldn't be asking yourself what is the best way to invest $35. It's such a small amount of money that it's almost meaningless. Instead ask yourself what skills and ideas do you have that people would be willing to pay for.

The team that won sold the 10 minute presentation slot to a small company. After all, what's more valuable than 10 minutes in front of Stanford's best and brightest MBA students.

Source: http://www.quora.com/How-can-I-spend-my-35-to-get-the-best-return-on-investment

What do I need to create an excellent home based office?

I wanted to create a home based office and wanted to do a research on what were the things needed to create an excellent office. After researching, I realized that the following things were needed,

  • Two Monitors
  • A laptop
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • A comfortable chair
  • Fast internet connection
  • Quiet working conditions
  • Proper lightning
  • Coffee
  • A large whiteboard
  • Headphones

A dummy's guide to CodeIgniter framework

I just got an idea to start tutorial for CodeIgniter framework in my freetime after my current job. I would start doing that from tonight. I will put it up as a menu item once I am done with the course. Please hold on with me till I get it done.

Walk the talk with Zsuzsanna

I and the walk with talk people
I met Zsuzsanna at ITCN Asia and she invited me to walk the talk. It was an amazing time. I did yoga on the beach with them and loved it.

Whoa! I met Rehan Allahwala and got a job offer from him

I met Rehan Allahwala on Friday October 24, 2014. He is a well known businessman in Karachi. He loves to do new ventures. I told him about myself and he gave me a job offer. I was amazed at it. Me getting so much attention and offers. He also gave me his business card and his mobile number and told me to contact him.
I with Rehan Allahwala