Fahad Uddin started making eight packs abs

I always wanted to make eight packs. I am short and sweet so I did not wanted my body to look bad. My gym instructor told me that if I started to make abs, my body will look bad. I have tried this before twice for two months each of the time.

I am giving it a second choice. I wont go for complete 8 packs but I will try to make them.

What I want to become
What I would become

Fahad's uncle thinks Fahad is like Wolverine

My uncle was seeing Wolverine Origins today. Whatever DC Comics movie they see with me, he tells me I resemble with the character.

My uncle tells me that when I was young. I used to do only 2 things. Read comic books and make websites. He started bringing Spider Man, Super Man, X Man Comics for me. I loved them.

Both of these things have made a very beautiful combination of adventure and entrepreneurship in me.

This might be one reason I am so adventurous and likes to take big risks. Life is itself a risk.

Fahad dated the hottest girl of NED University

I got some time so I went to IBA with my friend Saba. I met Saba in CISE when I was in second year. She came to our department for some days and we became friends. Then she went to Telecom. In my final year, I decided to take her out with me to IBA. It was a good experience.
I in the middle of Saba Majeed and Wajiha Shahid
I also included her in my core team of TEDxNEDUniversity. She is a very nice girl.

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

The psychological price of entrepreneurship
Being an entrepreneur is not easy. The nightmares that they never talk about, the blood pressure rise that others don't see. Its not as easy as it looks.
Starting a company is like trying to control a lion
Other people look at you as if you will never fail or as if you know everything but there is very little truth in it. To be very honest, no one knows the future, we all are predicting that things will be fine, everything will be cool in the end.

Unlike the 9-5 job, the entrepreneur is not working all the time, he/she is busy dreaming about a bigger game. The more difficult task, the better the reward.

I see myself today and compare it with what I was 4 years back, I see that I am matured, I can think like an entrepreneur but one thing that scares everyone is the fear not being successful.

In an organization, the people working in it, have ladders which make them go to the top but in entrepreneurial life, you don't have those ladders.  You either do it, or you don't. Life is full of failed tries and a person is looking for just few successes which can make him/her a big player.

Top women entrepreneurs of Pakistan

I have been in IT industry for 3 years now. I have started companies from here, worked with some of the tech entrepreneurs. I thought I should collect a list of the top women entrepreneurs here,

Sheba Najmi
Sheba Najmi
She is one of my favorite tech entrepreneurs. She has a BS and MS from Stanford. She has worked at Yahoo! She is a former Code For America fellow. She has also started Code For Pakistan ( I am a fellow). She is one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs I have ever met.

Jehan Ara
Jehan Ara
Jehan Ara is the president of Pakistan Association of Software Houses (P@SHA). She has been the women behind the creation of IT industry in Pakistan. I have been watching her from my childhood. She has been working really hard to create the eco system to innovate Pakistan.

Maria Umar
Maria Umar
Maria is the women behind 'Women's Digital League'. I have never met her but I have been seen her online presence. She seems to be doing something great.

Amna Zafar
Amna Zafar

Amna is one of my friends too. She is from Lahore. She works online on freelancer sites like me. We have been discussing a lot of possibilities of doing work online. She is very positive about life and I really think she is upto something great.

Aoileann Ni Chuilleanain took my interview for the Web Summit Dublin

Aoileann Ni Chuilleanain is the Startups Sales Manager at The Summit Dublin. I had applied for Web Summit Dublin a while ago when I met Sarah and she told me about her experience of the Summit.

Aoileann Ni Chuilleanain
Seems like I am going to make it. I will have to take out time for the Summit from my schedule which would be the most difficult part of the process. It would be fun to visit Ireland.
The confirmation of the talk

My Favorite Song - One Of Us Is Going Down

My favorite song. I love this song.

My new resume is out - Special thanks to Gayle Laakmann McDowell for the help

I wanted to create a world class resume. I searched for the best people around the world who could create a resume. Then I found, Gayle Laakmann McDowell on a website where I asked for help on my resume.

Gayle Laakmann McDowell is the founder / CEO of CareerCup, and the author of Cracking the PM Interview, Cracking the Coding Interview, The Google Resume.

Gayle Laakman McDowell
Gayle has worked for Microsoft, Apple and Google as a software engineer. She holds a bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Computer Science, and an MBA from the Wharton School. She currently resides in Palo Alto, CA.

She gave me advice on how to create a great resume. My old resume was horrible. She recommended me a cool template for the resume. Here is the template,
Gayle's sample resume
Thanks to her, now I have an excellent world class resume with which I can get a job offer from a high tech company too. Here is the link.

I am getting marriage proposals

Its so exciting. I am starting to get marriage proposals. This actually started when I started to make money online. Some of my classmates and friends started to tell me sarcastically that I should get married. I was very young and excited about my career so I never seriously thought about it.

A year back, I met two beautiful girls in a week and thought if I should really get married. One of them proposed me. I asked my mother and she refused telling me I should focus on my career first.

But I am seriously thinking about getting married soon. To be very honest, I am looking for a co-founder and a wife. Someone with whom I can work and run my home based business too.

Whoa! 343,323 views on my G+

I checked my G+ today and I saw 343,323 views. Whoa! This is awesome. I never checked my G+ views before. Its been around 2 years I am on G+. It feels so good.
My G+